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Paint-Off Friday

Today is the first "Paint-Off Friday".  I have spent the afternoon painting a picture in the first Paint-Off Friday.  Inspired by my friend James Colmer who paints a picture every week for his blog, I though I'd get my arse in gear and do the same.  In true 21st century style I took out-of-focus photographs to document the pertinent parts of the picture as I did them.  

Here is the canvas.  It's horizontal as I've not yet decided on the image that I'm going to paint.

I've chosen an image of one of my favourite walks over the South Downs near Brighton, and made a tonal painting of where bits should be in the picture.

I've moved into the kitchen where the light is burning on to my canvas and making me more-or-less unable to see the colours.  But hey!  It's ok!  It's Paint-Off Friday, and on days like this, anything goes!

I've put most of the sky in.  Shortly after this the light went more or less entirely, so I had to guess what colours to put where.

And here's the finished painting, photographed under a very yellow light.  


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