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MA Theatre Project

I finished my Masters Degree in Sequential Design a little while back.  I made a model theatre telling the tale of Sinbad the Sailor the you, the viewer, could tell in your own words and interact with.  I'm going to make a proper web-site all about it soon, but in the meantime here's a few photos of it in action.

Here's one of the many character sheets I drew. This one shows the orchestra that you put in front of the stage whilst doing your play.

Here's a load of the characters cut out and put on to stands.  The stands were magnetic so they'd stick to the floor of the stage and not fall over, which was a fundamental design flaw I discovered in all other model theatres that were available.

Example of a scene set up.  Note - the background is drawn in a style based on the watercolour paintings of Edward Lear from his trips to the middle east in the 1800's.

Here's the final model theatre.  Designed to all fold in on itself so that it becomes a box held in place with magnets. The characters live in a tray located at the back, underneath the stage.  On both sides are booths where you can have audience members clapping / heckling / sleeping through the performance.  In front of the theater is the script - should you feel so inclined to use one - for Sinbad the Sailor, adapted by me to 'rhyme' like a sea-shanty. 



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