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Model Theatre's

I've been working out ways of telling a narrative via different methods and have become rather interested in toy model theatres. My research into them has meant the making of numerous commercially available models to see how they're constructed. I can then take the lessons learnt from each one and use that to construct my own.

Great Expectations.
Pop out cardboard pieces and held together with flaps.

Edward Gorey's Dracula.
Very simple, but beautifully presented with very high quality print.

In the same style as Great Expectations.

The Nutcracker Suite.
A lot older than the others, and constructed from poor quality cardboard.

The Wizard of Oz.
Humorous illustrations, but the same poor cardboard as the Nutcracker Suite.

I've had the idea of a story in a box for a while, so having looked at how other people constructed model theaters tried my own.  I designed it on paper, and started building a prototype so I could see what kind of problems I'd come up against, and hopefully avoid when building a finished model.

An ordinary looking box?

Open up and fold out.

The wings open and proscenium rises.

Side doors and wings held in place with magnets.

Side doors swing open and join the wings, exposing the inner proscenia for adding characters etc etc. The front folds over to create the orchestra pit. Huzzah for GCSE trigonometry.

A tidy little hide away for all the characters / actors to sleep in whilst they're waiting to go on stage.

Now I know that it's possible to make something like this, I need to refine the ideas that I've had, and of course draw all the artwork that will need to accompany / be pasted on the box itself.


    On 5 July 2012 at 16:51 Anonymous said...

    This is just what Ive been dreaming of. A light, smallish, unfoldable (?) and easy to carry (on a plane) theater where I can perform my stories. Is there any chance you could keep on updating new information on this project? Are you going to include a light garment in the final theater? Thanks



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