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New Art Style

I've been developing a new art style for editorial illustrations.  Below are some recent artworks.

Child tech prodigies V1.

Child tech prodigies V2.

Coffee = Happiness.

Conductor returns to the London Symphony.

Britons are loosing their appetite for fast food.

Hamsters caused the Black Death V1.

Hamsters caused the Black Death V2.

Hamsters caused the Black Death V3.

Safety deposit raid in Hatton Garden.

Selfie-stick V1.

Selfie-stick V2.

Too much sleep isn't good for you.

Uber - Taxi billionaires.

Coin sells for £50,000 V1.

Coin sells for £50,000 V2.

Coin sells for £50,000 V3.

Tourists follow sat nav, not common sense.



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