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Climax - Leaving do's

For a long time I made video games at Climax Developments in Brighton.  It was a medium sized company with an occasional turnover of staff.  I had a job from time to time drawing leaving cards for various members of staff as they departed.

Alys was the producer on various titles I worked on. 

I guess this chap enjoyed carrots?

Claire worked in reception.

This fella went off to Japan.

This young cove is Lawrence Elwick, he's one of the greatest cartoonists in the world and I worked with him for a while.  Here's his stuff.  He's incredible.

This was his leaving card.

Mayhem "operated" the IT system.


Here's the Damager and Sawkins the witch.  I dunno if this was a leaving card or just a drawing of them cackling around a cauldron.

I think this chap went off to Cambodia or something?



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