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The emblem of Brighton is the seagull.  You can't get away from the vermin.   

I thought I'd create a series of illustrations which showcased the flying rats in all their glory, engaging with the public in all their whimsical ways, and parodying the heaving masses that bray up and down Brighton's West Street on hen and stag do's, year round. 

It didn't take long for me to decide that a series of greeting cards would be the perfect place to present these glorious drawings to the general public.  I've tried coming up with a series before, most notably my Goths set of 16 different gothic horrors.  Needless to say I never got around to actually publishing these.

Below is a selection of mock-ups and the logo, and at some point I'll post all the original illustrations for everyone to marvel at. 

Brighton Roosters - Logo.

Brighton Roosters - "Congratulations".

Brighton Roosters - "Good Luck".

Brighton Roosters - "Happy Birthday".

Brighton Roosters - "Hen Do".

Brighton Roosters - "I Love You".

I wonder if Clinton cards would be interested?  What do you reckon?  Leave comments below!



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