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I've been doing a course in Traditional Japanese Woodblock print making at the East London Printmakers in Hackney -

It's an interesting technique with a fascinating history. Everything is done damp, so the watercolours actually dye the paper. Whilst these prints aren't that exciting (and the colours have been saturated quite considerably when scanning), they show some of the things that can - with practice - be achieved. Great fun!


    Hi Rory,
    Just read your post.
    It's so good to see another illustrator discovering Japanese woodblock printmaking!
    The more you find out about it, the more fascinating it becomes.
    Please have a look at my blog:
    From there you can hop across to my animation and illustration site and my Etsy print shop.


    Hi Mark,

    Cheers! It's good fun doing the woodblocks, but hard work. I'm looking forward to getting something proper done, but it's going to take some time and then some. Great prints on your site, and I like the red cartouche that you've made too. I've got one also that finishes the print off in my eyes.



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