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One of the first commissions I had, back in the day, was for Carve Surfing Magazine. This has been an occasional gig ever since. I've got a big stack of the magazines on top of my studio bookcase, and took some photos of a selection of pieces from over the years. It was quite interesting, as firstly I'd forgotten about quite a few bits, and secondly, I'm certain I'm missing a number of magazines which feature my work. I've only moved house about 8 times since I started working with them so I'm sure they wouldn't be that difficult to track down....

This illustration was to accompany an article on surfing in Mexico.

For a while a drew an illustration every month for Carve's sister publication "360 Bodyboarding Magazine" to accompany a feature on how to get a job that would allow you to surf/bodyboard as much as possible. This one was about working on a campsite in France right next to the sea, or something like that. Nice!

One of my first commissions. Note, the hand colouring rather than computer colouring. This was one of a series of drawings that went in a beginners guide type affair, which presented rules and regulations, joys, dangers and annoyances and the suchlike of surfing. This illustration tells you not to drop in on someone who already has a wave.



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