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Tutorial 003 - Inking

Next up I ink my picture. I use a fairly archaic method of doing this via a dip pen and ink. I use a normal dip pen handle you can get from any art shop coupled with Deleter art supplies "G" nibs (they're designed for manga artists and I've recently discovered just how good they are, especially compared to other nibs I've used). You can get them from all sorts of online mail order places, they're quite common (I think).

I use Pelikan Tusche A drawing ink. It's very very very smooth, though not quite as black as things like Windsor and Newton ink. However, the advantage is that it comes in a plastic bottle which won't break in transport - speaking through experience here. I like it. It's pretty pricy though - probably about twice the price of other inks, but OOOH it's worth it. It's good value if you buy a quarter litre or so, but you'd have to get through about 50 sketchbooks to use that amount.



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